Even Pop’s Is Requiring a Vaccine or a Negative Test to Enter Now

Aug 27, 2021 at 3:58 pm
Even Pop’s Is Requiring a Vaccine or a Negative Test to Enter Now
Ryan Kelley

Pop’s Nightclub & Concert Venue (1403 Mississippi Avenue; Sauget, IL; 618-274-6720) in Sauget, Illinois is known for being something of a lawless land. The East St. Louis-adjacent club is open 24 hours a day, serving beers, brews and all manner of entertainment to partiers young and old. One time we even spent 24 consecutive hours there just to see if it could be done. (Reader, you can do it but we don’t recommend it.)

Pop’s is known as one of the toughest clubs in the area. It’s just seemingly unstoppable. It’s open every day of the year except for Christmas and there is a long-time rumor that one time the place caught fire and still served drinks in the parking lot while the building burned. (That’s only partially true.) And local fans of the bar know that if Pop’s is closed because of snow that it really must be the Snowpocalypse out there and we should stay indoors because Pop’s doesn’t mess around.

Now Pop’s has admitted that even it is not tough enough to fight COVID-19. The bar issued a statement on social media saying that it is joining other local clubs (and, indeed, most venues across the country) in requiring guests to either be vaccinated or provide a recent COVID-negative test result to enter.

From a post on Facebook:

“Effective 8/25/21 - Please Read
After discussing with various artist/agents and watching the policies in place nation wide, we have finalized our COVID safety policy. Mitigation is the best way to continue. Although breakthrough infections are possible, vaccinations or negative test results will lessen the risk of touring.

Simply put, artists (especially openers) can't survive missing out on 14 days of pay. Venues can't survive spending marketing budgets only to lose the show due to outbreak. Venues/artist are already struggling to fill jobs and we can't afford to lose work for our current employees. - ALSO NOW HIRING CONCERT SECURITY! EMAIL [email protected]

It's a pain and all venues would rather not have to deal with this but we do. We have to find more staff to enforce these rules while bringing in no extra money.

Before the complaints come in, you don't have to be vaccinated to attend. You just have to get a negative test. It's the least you can do to ensure the safety and financial well being of your favorite artist. It could be your favorite artist dropping dates or canceling tours.

If you are opposed to this, you may have to sit out these shows until things get better. If you feel the need to attack us in the comments, we don't check them. It may actually raise the rank of our Facebook page due to a high engagement...social media is a nightmare.

We are just trying to stay open, keep our employees/artist safe and working. We are celebrating 40 years and would like to celebrate 50 in 2031.”

See the announcement here.

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