Exclusive MP3 Stream: Jumbling Towers, "Kanetown City Rips"

On Monday, February 10, Jumbling Towers will have a new song premiering on an eMusic compilation called Selected + Collected: An eMusic Selects Compilation. (Full tracklist after the jump.) Here's a sneak preview stream here -- and guys, it's really, really good. Like the kind of song that plays in a movie at its denouement, after something significant has happened, and the characters are riding off into the sunset. A foggy nightmare beamed in from another era.

Bassist Nate Drexler says this is the closing track of an album the band's been recording in Chesterfield. Release date is still up in the air, but he says they've "planted the seeds on about 9-10 songs. There are at least 4-7 more out there... and we haven't honed in on what exactly will be on the record."

Drexler does allow that the disc has a unified theme of sorts, involving a fictional place called Kanetown City. "We call it an album devoted to the 1981 exile of Kanetown City's youth," he says. "The album is essentially the music that those kids would have made, or the genre of music that might have spawned from such an era -- were it to have actually existed."

01 Girls, "Hellhole Ratrace"

02 Obits, "Light Sweet Crude"

03 Glasser, "Apply"

04 My Teenage Stride, "Weirder Nightmare"

05 Eagle Boston, "Satan Highway"

06 Salem, "Redlights"

07 Homeboy Sandman, "Buttermilk"
08 Altair Nouveau, "Cosmos"

09 Rademacher, "If U Got Some Magic"

10 She Keeps Bees, "Bow"

11 Bow Ribbons, "Peace Sundress"

12 Victoire, "A Door into the Dark"

13 Man/Miracle, "Pushing and Shoving"

14 Deastro, "Kurgan Wave Number One"

15 Pains of Being Pure at Heart, "Kurt Cobain's Cardigan"

16 Jumbling Towers, "The Kanetown City Rips"
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