FAQ: 2009 Riverfront Times Music Awards Nominees

Apr 24, 2009 at 4:29 pm
Without further ado, I'm about ready to post the nominees for the 2009 RFT Music Awards. The showcase is all day in the Delmar Loop on Sunday, June 7. Before that, here are some common questions and complaints, which I hope clear up the misconceptions and grumbles that come up every year.

1. Why wasn't "X" band nominated? Because these awards are meant to honor folks that have made contributions to /strides in the local music community in the past year. It's not a reflection on talent (well, sometimes), but who we feel has made a difference in the past year. Some bands haven't played out as much, many bands have broken up -- seriously, a lot of bands have broken up -- and others are regrouping with lineup changes and such. Call it a rebuilding year. That doesn't mean these acts won't return in coming years -- but in the 2008/09 time period, other people were a bit better.

2. Why was "X" band nominated? Because they're my friends. That was a joke. Seriously. I can honestly say I haven't met a vast majority of the nominees below -- something they'll verify -- and this ballot was cobbled together with the input of a lot of people, including responders to this post. People who earned a nomination stood out from the pack for some reason. Simple as that.
3. Can I play the showcase? If you're a nominated band, the people booking the day will get in touch with you. If they need your contact info, I might pass it along to them, but I personally am not in charge of booking the showcase. Please don't get mad at me for any perceived slights or problems. I'm just the music editor.

4. What is this "Lifetime Achievement" business? Certain bands in town are perennial winners in their group -- mostly deservedly so. These certain bands have also been plugging away at their craft for a very long time now. And so I decided to introduce a so-called "Music Awards Hall of Fame," wherein these artists are honored, virtually enshrined and let their talent speak for themselves in a separate category, so other, younger whippersnappers have the chance to be nominated.

5. Why is "X" band in that category? They're not "X" genre. Genres are stupid. Labels are stupid. But for our sake, we have to have some way to separate bands, as best we can. Hence the categorization. It's not perfect, but we do our best.

6. How can I buy a wristband/how much does it cost/what are the hours/what venues are participating? All of this stuff is being worked out, but we'll have this information on this here blog when it is confirmed. So stay tuned.