Fight! Fight! Fight! Makes Some Noise

Feb 25, 2008 at 7:40 pm

So, I've had my eye on young rockers Fight! Fight! Fight! for a few months now (and we even reviewed the band's Your Sister's Jeans Ain't As Tight As This EP). And it appears I'm not the only one: The band has landed a string of Warped Tour dates this summer, starting with the July 1 St. Louis date through July 6 in Houston, Texas.

The quintet certainly appeals to the under-21 crowd; its tunes mainly address puppy love and longing, and the importance of friendship and dancing. Jeans recalls the bouncy pogo-pop of Paramore and the tongue-twisting sugar-punk of Fall Out Boy (along with countless other modern rock acts). But vocalist Erica Scott Ross has a clear, sweet voice that's reminiscent of Elizabeth Elmore of the Reputation -- and several of her band's songs feel way more indebted to 1990s indie-rock ("I've Got Five Fingers" especially) than modern emo. Most important, the band immediately stood out from the dyed-and-pierced masses -- and with the sheer amount of groups around these days, that's hard to do.

Whatever the case, Fight! Fight! Fight! has loads of spunk and ambition, and so I expect great things from them in the future.

MP3: Fight! Fight! Fight!, "Exs and Ohs"

-- Annie Zaleski