Finale, Cavern at Fort Gondo To Close

Jan 8, 2008 at 1:30 pm

Well, okay, so I'm a bit late in reporting this (Ian and the Post-Dispatch beat me to it), but Clayton jazz/blues/soul/etc. venue Finale has closed. According to the P-D article, venue head Steve Schankman said he's going to re-open the venue somewhere else. Its last show was on New Year's Eve.

Also closing is the Cavern at Fort Gondo, which has been holding experimental, noise and rock shows since last summer at 3151 Cherokee Street. According to manager/"jill-of-all-trades" Melissa Debus, changes in the venue's neighborhood prompted the closure.

The last show (save for an April acoustic show) will be this Saturday, January 12, with the Ultraviolents, Commichung, The Fairgrounds and the Psychedelic Sub-culture. Look for shows already scheduled -- and ones in the works right now -- to be moved to Camp Concentration at aPop Records, at 2831 Cherokee Street. That aPop link up there has the complete show calendar.

-- Annie Zaleski