Finn's Motel's Patrick Hawley is a Redbook Hot Husband

So, local indie-rockers Finn's Motel aren't doing much these days -- save for a February 23 gig coming up at the Ten Mile House. But in the meantime, drummer Patrick Hawley has been keeping busy -- being a hot husband!

Check out the blurb from Redbook magazine:

And CLICK HERE for the Web site to go vote for Hawley.

Here's an interview with his wife, Marcy, who tells us why we should vote for her man:

How did you hear about the contest? Who entered him in it? Patrick's stepmom sent me the link, and I thought, "Hey, why not?" I wrote a little essay -- to explain why the man in question is hot "inside and out" -- along with some photos. In one he was wearing a Thomas the Tank Engine party hat and carrying a birthday cake. What is hotter than that?

What was his -- and your -- reaction when you found out he was a finalist? I thought he'd blush to death when I told him that I entered him, but we thought, "Eh, like we'll make the finals"... then we found out he made the finals. We just laughed and laughed.

What makes him worthy of being the hottest husband in the country? He is just the most passionate person--about everything--and I love that about him. He is smart, witty, talented, should I go on? Plus, it's all about the hotness, as my friend Sue reminded me.

Patrick's a drummer, a cyclist, a cook AND a stay-at-home dad. Is there anything he DOESN'T do well? He's still working on getting that whole laundry thing down.

How did you guys meet? And when you did, was he already "hottest husband" material? We were both in Champaign-Urbana in the early '90s, he was in a couple bands and I was going to see bands, so we knew each other through the scene. Ten years later we both had moved to St Louis, and we ran into each other at the Kaldi's over in Demun. He was lookin' pretty darn cute. And apparently he felt likewise! Although he hasn't entered me in any contests that I know of. ;)

What does the hottest husband win? When does voting end? If he wins, we get a cruise to Tahiti. The online polls are open until March 15. You only get to vote one time, and we would sure appreciate it if people voted for him! We figure if we can carry the indie-rock vote, we'll have a good chance.

Has he been recognized at all, since becoming the hottest husband? Has he assumed any sort of, I don't know, super-special "hot husband" glow since becoming a finalist? Not sure if he's been called out by any locals. But he's definitely happy and is somewhat aglow. Although last night he was kind of tired/grumpy and he demoted himself to "tepid husband." But today he's back to hot.

Anything else you want to add? Please vote Hawley in '08!

-- Annie Zaleski

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