Five Comics Tell Their Best Stories from the Road

Nov 29, 2012 at 11:19 am
Five Comics Tell Their Best Stories from the Road
Costaki Economopolous, who will be performing in St. Louis on December 6.

Every comic worth his weight in salt (why is that a saying?) has some good and bad stories they picked up on "the road." If you plan on having any sort of career in comedy it is something you have to go through. I have my stories. The night Steven Wright walked into the club I was in to do a set. The failed show in a strip club in Clarksville, Tennessee. Let's just say comedy wasn't what those good old boys were looking for that night. Knowing the entertainment value these stories can bring to the table, I asked a few friends to recap an event from "the road" that sticks in their mind.

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Costaki Economopolous: Many moons ago I was working Halloween night at Harvey's in Portland Oregon. Several people in the audience were dressed in costumes, including two people in the front row in full clown face paint. I opened with this line:

I can't tell you how many times the other comic has come off stage and said to me, "Watch out for those two fucking clowns in the front row." And here you are.

In addition to entertaining countless fans as an internationally touring headliner, Costaki Economopolous is well known for his segments on the nationally syndicated radio show The Bob and Tom Show as well as Quick Snaps on Sirius XM. He will be making a December trip to the state of Missouri, with stops in Springfield, Columbia, and Brennan's in St. Louis on December 6th. He will also be doing a show in Arkansas, where he will probably be called a Mexican because of his Greek demeanor and features.

Daniel Chopin: In the Spring of 1994 I was working at Slapstix in Baltimore one week before attending my friend Nicole's wedding in Washington DC. I had lots of time to kill so I went to the local mall to buy her a wedding present. I decided on a nice mantle clock, a nice looking piece made of glass that only cost $65 and ran on two AA batteries. I didn't know that batteries were included in the purchase and I was not aware - as God is my judge - that they put batteries in the clock before they gift wrapped it for me.

The following week, my friend Nicole Boxer, daughter of Senator Barbara Boxer of California, married Tony Rodham, brother of Hilary Rodham Clinton, in the Rose Garden of the White House. That night, I met the President and his wife. I drank champagne and danced in the East Room and I had one of the most memorable evenings of my life. I must say I was totally star-struck and the whole night seemed kind of dreamy. It was awesome!

I didn't find out until later that Nicole and Tony never got that mantle clock and the Secret Service probably kept a very close eye on me the entire evening.

Because stupid, stupid me......walked into the White House with a box that was ticking.

Dan resides calls St. Louis his home when he's not "on the road" touring as a heavily sought-after headliner. He has started a show at the Dubliner on Washington Avenue and will be headlining that room December 21st and 22nd. I would like to point out that I'm not exactly sure what this has to do with "the road", but it's funny.