Five Hours at the 2010 RFT Music Showcase: Beer, Shaving Cream and Yes, Tunes

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Evan Sult from Sleepy Kitty at the showcase. More photos here - Jason Stoff
Jason Stoff
Evan Sult from Sleepy Kitty at the showcase. More photos here

9:43 Lucas Park Grille is packed! A motley crew enjoys Sleepy Kitty from the alley.

9:56 Mike the hotdog vendor tells me that just last month, a guy got stabbed ten feet from his cart. It was the last straw; he finally bought a videophone.

10:01 Pleasant middle-aged couple Kathleen and Michael spotted at Rue 13 casting votes for Popular Mechanics.

10:04 Jeff, the guy behind the soundboard at Rue 13, has high standards. He says he's still waiting to be impressed by the bands he's seen so far.

10:06 Rue 13 bartender Stefan tells me that Schlafly is his most popular beer order tonight. His tits are the most popular request, however. He flashes me, and I see the appeal.

10:09 Blind Eyes assure me that it's St. Louis' "most punctual, greatest, and most modest" band.

10:13 Jonathan at the gelato cart tells me about a photo shoot he saw earlier today. There were models, nice clothes, poses, the sunset -- all in the middle of the Washington Avenue.

10:19 Joe and Mabel of the band Spelling Bee pick Glass Teeth as their favorite act this year. Unfortunately, Glass Teeth isn't playing tonight because, as Joe says, it's louder than some of these venues can handle.

10:24 Much to her displeasure, one Side Bar bartender tells me that she's been slinging PBRs all night. The whole staff is busy -- from the waitress with the "jailbait" neck tattoo carrying empties to the one autographing a patron's neck. When asked why, she offers only, "He asked me to." Good enough.

10:32 Thoughtful Side Bar soundboard operator Mike says of all the great bands on the showcase, Troubador Dali gets his vote this year. Even if you don't like them, you can respect what they're doing, he tells me.

10:33 "This place smells like cloves!" a passerby yells aggressively. I can't tell if he means that as a good or a bad thing -- or, in the spirit of the place, he's just yelling in anticipation of the Humanoids.

10:39 Humanoids vocalist Tim - also answers to T-Piranha - previews his show for me in 3 words: raucous, rowdy and rambunctious. The drummer strips down to his boxers, boots and headband.

10:53 Humanoids show delayed -- beer in amp.

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