Five New Local Songs to Hear: Rockwell Knuckles, Jumbling Towers, Union Tree Review, Jon Hardy & the Public, Via Dove

Sep 23, 2010 at 9:00 am

In recent weeks, a bunch of local bands unleashed new music on the masses. Here's a brief round-up. Know of anything else? Leave a comment.

Your Fall Jam Union Tree Review, "Interstate" Fall is now officially here, says the calendar. Thankfully, Union Tree Review is here to provide your scarf-wearing soundtrack, with a video for the unreleased song "Interstate." Fans of the late, great Songs:Ohia -- specifically, the dirge-like tempos and measured, sparse guitar -- will find much to love in the song. Check it out below:

Interstate from Matthew Ström on Vimeo.

Your Late Summer Jam Rockwell Knuckles, "Silly Human" Right, so we've confirmed that fall is here. However, Indian Summer is very much alive and well in St. Louis -- thank goodness, since this tune begs to be played in the car at top volumes. Produced by Trifeckta, "Silly Human" is a monster song. A smooth melodic chorus hook alternates with stutter-step verses, all underlaid with stabbing electro samples, tinny drums and West Coast style. The song ends with lyrics layered on top of one another in a furious burst of a cappella. The production and execution show marked maturity and growth, to boot. "Human" is on Rocky's forthcoming new project, You're Fucking Out, I'm Fucking In. Download it here.

Your Friday Night Mood-Lifter Jumbling Towers, "Outlet Store" and "Severe" Jumbling Towers have a new EP, The Ramifications of an Exciting Spouse, due this fall. (Date TBA, says bassist Nate Drexler.) Spouse is being mixed by Justin Gerrish, the man responsible for engineering Vampire Weekend's Contra. Accordingly, heavy rhythms and slowed-down hip-hop grooves drive the new "Outlet Store," which you can find at the band's Facebook page. (In an abstract way, the beat reminds me of M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes.") The band has another new song, "Severe," streaming on MySpace -- and it's a tropical party! Drexler advises that fans should stick to Facebook for their Jumbling Towers knowledge, though, as that's where the band's collecting all the latest about its EP.