Four Public Officials Tef Poe Motherfucks in New Diss Track "War Cry"

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Governor Jay Nixon, one recipient of a motherfucking. - Danny Wicentowski
Danny Wicentowski
Governor Jay Nixon, one recipient of a motherfucking.

Rapper/activist Tef Poe has some rather unkind things to say about many high-ranking Missouri and St. Louis-area political leaders in his newest track, "War Cry." Billed as a "Jay Nixon Diss Record," the song lays into several politicians and public officials who have been involved with the situation in Ferguson. He doesn't pull any punches.

That is to say, of course, that some public officials definitely got motherfucked.

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Police Chief Dotson - Madelaine Azar
Madelaine Azar
Police Chief Dotson

4. St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson

According to the track, "Chief Dotson is a motherfucking slave catcher."

Mayor Slay - Via Facebook
Via Facebook
Mayor Slay

3. Mayor Francis Slay

Tef further adds that, "Mayor Slay is the motherfucking slave master."

Captain Ron Johnson - Danny Wicentowski
Danny Wicentowski
Captain Ron Johnson

2. Missouri Highway Patrol Chief Ron Johnson

My lily-white skin compels me to censor this line as I type it, but rest assured Tef did no such thing: "Ron Johnson is a motherfucking house n***a."

Gov. Nixon - Danny Wicentowski
Danny Wicentowski
Gov. Nixon

1. Governer Jay Nixon

While Tef didn't technically "mother-" fuck Jay Nixon, he still got his point across:

"Governor Jay Nixon, my eulogy is, 'Fuck you.' Tell that cracker he should sweep the floors when I come through."


"The system full of snakes; the governor can't fix it. With every breath of my body it's fuck Jay Nixon."

So, that's pretty clear. And as a bonus, although they were technically neither fucked nor motherfucked, Tef had some choice words for a few more public officials as well:

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