Fox News and Megyn Kelly are Dreaming of a White Christmas

Megyn Kelly
Megyn Kelly

Fox News aired a segment by Megyn Kelly this week, proclaiming that Santa Claus is, in fact, a white man. Santa Claus is a fictional character based on an actual real person by the name of Saint Nicholas, but Santa himself is not real. Saint Nicholas actually was not white; he was from Turkey and more than likely he was Mediterranean. We can debate the ethnic background of Saint Nick all day long because he is indeed a real person that actually walked the face of the earth. We have paintings of Saint Nick that clearly suggest he wasn't a white man, but this does not negate the fact Santa Claus is a fictional character.

So Santa Claus can be anything we want him to be, because he's not real. The Easter Bunny is gay, for all we know. Leprechauns aren't Irish; they're actually Mexican and unicorns are the biological stepchildren of the flying reindeer. None of these things are real.

You see, this is how fiction works; we morph it to our liking. As a young black kid I never really assumed Santa Claus was white. Yeah he was white on TV but by the time he came to my house he'd change his skin color like a true multi-racial superhero. I assumed he was Hispanic when he visited Latino kids, white when he visited white kids and Asian when he visited Asian children. The actual Saint that the fable was inspired by was not a white guy. He became white over the course of time, just like Jesus, but he actually wasn't white. Megyn claimed most of us wanted Santa Claus to be a non-white person because it makes us feel comfortable.

That happens to be the one thing she said that I actually agree with. This is the precise reason she's wasting valuable air time on a worldwide news network to proclaim to the rest of us that a fictional character that never existed is actually white. This is the precise reason Elvis is viewed as the father of rock & roll even though we all know Chuck Berry gave birth to the genre. The status quo must feel comfortable at all times. The reality is, in America the paradigm is shifting. You will notice at the very top of the food chain everyone looks like Megyn and her colleagues. But a majority of us aren't at the top of the food chain, and that majority is actually a very mixed demographic. She currently represents a very small percentage of the American people. People like Megyn Kelly live in a sheltered bubble, all of her friends think like her and many likely look like her as well. So it's truly a shocker to her that the rest of the world isn't white-washed.

There is no toy factory at the North pole. There is no such thing as Mrs. Claus. Santa isn't a jolly, obese, joyful man with the ownership of a thousand little elves working around the clock to save Christmas. He does not exist, Megyn. He can be a Chinese man in a jump suit for all we know, because he's a figment of our imaginations. There are no boundaries on imagination; if we don't want Santa Claus to be white then life goes on. You clearly have never watched an episode of the Muppet Babies. In the realm of imagination anything is possible, Megyn. If your vision of Santa is a white guy then it's OK, but you can't bring historical facts into an equation that is solely based upon fiction. If you do choose to bring historical facts into the conversation, at least acknowledge the fact that the actual Saint the fable is influenced by was not necessarily white.

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