Foxing Releases New Video, Lands on Huffington Post's "Best Albums" List

Dec 17, 2013 at 4:39 am

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The video for "Rory," which premiered Monday on, features a boy in a fox mask trying to outrun a pack of predators. Coll says that portions of the video were filmed in Danno's American Pub in Shrewsbury and Castlewood State Park in Ballwin, and the idea for the video came to him while traveling during Foxing's last tour.

"We were driving through rural Pennsylvania, which has such breathtaking scenery. I was listening to 'Rory' and just kind of saw the video unfold in my head," Coll reflects. "Later, we worked out the details and made the idea a little more manageable. I would say that with the exception of a few elements, the video turned out exactly the way I envisioned it."

The "Rory" video was filmed by Foxing friend Dylan Schnitker and a crew of Webster University film students. Coll and fellow Fox-er Conor John Jostedt Murphy completed most of the editing.

"Conor and I were both, at one time, film students, so we have experience working on sets," Coll says.

Foxing kicks off a winter tour Friday, December 20, in Milwaukee, hitting points in the Midwest, on the East coast and in the South. If you're traveling to one of the following cities during the holiday season, swing by a club and support this St. Louis band. Learn more on Foxing's Tumblr, and check out The Albatross on Bandcamp.

  • 12/20: Milwaukee, WI. @ Scheme City with Migo, Bendata Bendata, Bunkbeds, BFF
  • 12/21: Chicago, IL. @ Township with Mountains For Clouds, My Dad, Bag
  • 12/22: Kalamazoo, MI. @ Milhouse with Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), The Reptilian, Lincoln County War
  • 12/23: Chesterton, IN. @ The Sound Cellar with Face Value, Birds of a Feather, Slurred Terms
  • 12/26: Kent, OH @ Stone Tavern with Annabel, The Ground is Lava
  • 12/27: Pittsburgh, PA. @ 222 Ormsby with Tiny Moving Parts, Unraveler, Whoovez, Nevada Mountains, Bat Zuppel, Worn Colors
  • 12/28: Warwick, NY. @ The Pigeon Co-op with Pigeon, Paste
  • 12/29: Philadelphia, PA. @ North Star (Kat Kat Phest 2) with Lemuria, Marietta, Citycop, Smoother, Leaky Soups
  • 12/30: Montclair, NJ @ The Batcave with Owel, Paste, Hannibal Montana
  • 12/31: Willimantic, CT. @ Williamantic Records
  • with The World is a Beautiful Place and I'm No Longer Afraid to Die, Posture & Grizzly, John Galm, Soda Bomb, Makeshift Shelters
  • 01/01: Long Island, New York @ No Fun Club with State Lines, Scout, Addison Pike, Graves
  • 01/02: Baltimore, MD @ Charm City Art Space with Toasted Plastic, Our Daily Fix
  • 01/03: Allentown, PA @ Planet Trog
  • 01/04: Alexandria, VA. @ The Lab with Monument, Mike Bell & The Movies, The Fordists, Shat Shorts
  • 01/05: Asheville, NC. @ The Oddatorium with Muscle & Bone, Sinai Vessel, Weak Wrists
  • 01/06: Atlanta, GA. @ Under The Couch with You Blew It!, The Wild, Rookie Move, We Few
  • 01/07: Gainesville, FL. @ TBA with Dikembe
  • 01/08: Orlando, FL. @ TBA with Dikembe
  • 01/09: Jacksonville, FL, @ TBA with Dikembe
  • 01/10: Tallahassee, FL @ Pizza Crew HQ V.2 with Dikembe
  • 01/11: Birmingham, AL. @ The Forge with Velouria, On Thursday We Leave, Alderaan
  • 01/12: Memphis, TN. @ Crosstown Arts with Greyscale, Mayfair, The Star Killers, Clockwork Theory
  • 01/13: Nashville, TN. @ Neuhaus5

Thanks to @michaeltomko for the news tip.