Friday Music Mix: New Tunes from Ted Leo, New Pornographers, The Plimsouls, Sereena-Maneesh, more!

Feb 26, 2010 at 12:00 pm

(Every day, I receive dozens and dozens of emails from publicists, full of free music to share on blogs -- legally. And so every Friday at noon, I'll point people to some of the best or more interesting tracks I've received that week. Enjoy!)

click to enlarge The New Pornographers, eh? - Jason Creps
Jason Creps
The New Pornographers, eh?

MP3: New Pornographers, "Your Hands (Together)" Repetitive, candy-coated pop from the Canadian collective that's not Broken Social Scene; could be an outtake from leader A.C. Newman's last solo record.

MP3: Balmorhea, "Bowsprit" These Austinites were supposed to be in town tonight at the Firebird along with Grace Basement, Northwoods and Brothers Lazaroff, but had to cancel due to illness. Bummer: This tune features slow-building strings braided together with acoustic guitars and hefty percussion, like the Avett Brothers struggling to find words.

MP3: Stat Quo, "'Success (Back to U)" An Atlanta rapper, Stat Quo's been recording with Dr. Dre and Game. This song sounds like Outkast slowing its roll with some old-school soul.

MP3: Ted Leo, "The Mighty Sparrow" The agit-power-punk returns in fine, biting form on the March 9-released The Brutalist Bricks. Exhibit A: This propulsive, muscular tune.

MP3: Freelance Whales, "Generator 2nd Floor" Turn that xylophone up to eleven. Delicate indie rock from New York, all twinkling atmosphere and earnest whimsy.