Glenn Danzig, Henry Rollins, Hall & Oates, Comic Books, Satanism -- and You

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Recently, one of Glenn Danzig's biggest fans alerted us to a new single-issue comic produced by Microcosm Publishing: Henry & Glenn Forever. No description could explain the premise as well as the cover art does.

click to enlarge Rollins gives Danzig a rubdown - Microcosm Publishing
Microcosm Publishing
Rollins gives Danzig a rubdown

Your eyes do not deceive you: That's Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig sharing an intimate moment.

While the content of the comic is anything but perfect -- the cover art is arguably the best part -- some of the individual panels are pretty great. And overall, the comic does make the two infamous tough guys into a pretty cute couple: They have a dog, they sing karaoke together, and they fight over politics and what color to paint the bedroom. ("Why does everything have to be black?") Additionally, the happy couple lives next door to Daryl Hall and John Oates, who also live in an ambiguous relationship, joined by their mutual Satanism.

Although I found this release to be entertaining and somewhat endearing (the more I think about it, the more I think Glenn and Henry would make a complementary, height-proportionate couple), I couldn't help but perceive it as a cheap shot. First, the joke's a little obvious. Second, comic books have been a part of Glenn Danzig's life since he began reading them as a kid. In the early '90s, he channeled his passion for violent and erotic comic books to create his own comic company, Verotik. He even sharply resembles iconic character Wolverine, so much so that he was even offered the part of Wolverine for the X-Men trilogy.

Besides all this, though: Danzig already gets more than his fair share of public ridicule. A YouTube search will provide dozens of videos, many of them painstakingly edited, whose aim is to tease Danzig. These clips encompass several genres, as noted below.

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