GWAR, with All That Remains and Alabama Thunderpussy

Monday, February 28; Blue Note (17 North Ninth Street, Columbia)

Rock may be dead, but the theater sure ain't. In almost twenty years of obscenity charges, market research, iffy thrash and thrilling, splattery rock spectacle, these Grammy-nominated sickos have come perilously close to becoming an institution, just a decade away from playing dinner shows. Now GWAR is the gold standard in horror-show theatrics, the slick punch line to the joke of GG Allin's life and the smarter granddaddies of those Clown Posse assholes. GWAR is a professional mashup of gross-out effects, Dark Crystal design, Gallagher-style audience soaking and a parodic idiocy that guarantees that as long as the band is around, it will hold the hearts of troubled, nerdy boys just off "Weird" Al but not yet into Alistair Crowley. So, relax, parents: It's shtick. Kids will laugh. Heads will roll. Great foam things that shouldn't ejaculate almost certainly will.

Doors open at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 to $17; call 573-874-1944 for more information.

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