Hating On Matthew Morrison = Hating On Fun: Comment Of The Day

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click to enlarge Hating On Matthew Morrison = Hating On Fun: Comment Of The Day
Jon Gitchoff

We find Matthew Morrison at an odd, disjointed point in his career: Catapulted from his serious acting gigs on Broadway to superstardom by his role in Glee, our intrepid hero how finds himself opening for the New Kids On The Block and Backstreet Boys as a poppy solo artist. Seemingly unable to decide whether he would like to be "that dude from Glee" or something else, our reviewer found his performance baffling, to say the least.Our efforts to explore the conundrum that is Mr. Schuesterson were not appreciated by several of you, including commenter Ann, who said:

Is this supposed to be a rough draft of a senior thesis for your psychology minor at St. Louis Community College? Odd article. I'm a 44 year old woman who took her Gleek 22 year old daughter to see the New Kids/BSB show because she wanted to see Matthew. She had an awesome time and so did I and from what I could tell so did the rest of the Scottrade Center. He did an even mix of Glee songs and his own material. But, garsh and golly Miss Kelsey, I'm sure glad you wrote this article to enlighten us that we should have hated it. I'd have lived in ignorance with false happy memories without you taking me to a higher level.

We are reasonably confident you don't have to write a thesis for a psychology minor, but we recognize that is evading the point. What do you think: were we being bullies?

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