Heart (Allegedly) Going to Play a Show in St. Louis(!)

Jun 17, 2010 at 4:15 pm

The email Gods have shined upon me, to mitigate my disappointment over the lack of Heart at the local Lilith Fair stop: According to a press release I just received, the band is allegedly going to be playing a show in St. Louis on Sunday, August 29. The venue is listed as TBA, so this show should be considered unconfirmed until, you know, somebody lists it as happening. (However, good bets are either the Fabulous Fox or the Scottrade Center's Concert Club, judging by the size/scope of the other venues on their tour itinerary.) But this is exciting: Heart has a new album, Red Velvet Car, due out August 31 (hear two new songs now), and live, the band is still amazing. I trekked up to Springfield to see them last summer at the Illinois State Fair, and vocalist Ann Wilson hasn't lost an ounce of power in her voice. Sister Nancy, meanwhile, is a guitar goddess of the first degree. I'm guessing the Decemberists would also agree.

[Update, 5 p.m.: Heart doing "Crazy on You" in March 2010. Dizzamn.]

Heart, "What About Love" in 2009:

Heart, "Never" in 2009: