Here's a Photo of 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander Feeding Everyone at The Firebird Imo's Pizza

Friedlander at the Arch
Friedlander at the Arch

30 Rock's Judah Friedlander (you know, the guy with the hats) came to the Firebird on Friday, to -- as he put it -- answer questions about "my status as World Champion, karate, or my dick." His on-the-spot and off-the-cuff humor played well to the good-sized, seated crowd -- but if anyone had plans of buying merch, they were in for a surprise.

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"Yeah, I don't sell merch," Friendlander said from the stage. "So instead I just buy everyone pizza."

RFT's own Gut Check food blog is covering this story as well. Here's an excerpt from their coverage:

He described Provel cheese as melted plastic and Imo's crust as a cracker, summarizing it as: "The best and worst pizza at the same time."

Still, he says he orders it each time he's in St. Louis. Then he surprised the audience, announcing he'd ordered five Imo's pizzas for the crowd to enjoy after the show.

When his set ended he joined the crowd, and surrounded by fans saying hello, snapping photos and munching pizza, Friedlander sent talk show host and outspoken Imo's hater Jimmy Kimmel a Tweet (@JudahWorldChamp) about eating Imo's with the crowd.

Why yes, that is this writer, stuffing my fat face front and center.
Why yes, that is this writer, stuffing my fat face front and center.

Kimmel's response?

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Check out the rest of this exchange over at Gut Check, including the recent round of responses from Imo's itself. Click through to page two of this post to see a video of Kimmel trash-talking Imo's on his show, in an interview with St. Louis native (and Imo's fan) Jenna Fischer.

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