Here's a Review OF Pitchfork's So Many Dynamos The Loud Wars Review

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Yes, Pitchfork reviewed So Many Dynamos' The Loud Wars this morning, and gave it a middling 5.5. Most of the review talked about Washington, D.C.'s music scene. Gee, that's novel -- I've never heard that SMD sounds like the Dismemberment Plan before. Ever. /sarcasm

Thanks to Idolator, I stumbled upon this review OF Pitchfork's reviews/homepage today. Meta enough for anyone? Trust me -- that's just the tip of the meta-content iceberg. From Popsense:

Paul Thompson is an intelligent, all-around lovable guy with good intentions, but in this review we see him fall victim to a somewhat debilitating case of 'talking about shit that doesn't actually have to do with the music but could help him come to a conclusion about it regardless'.

Thompson describes the Loud Wars as being formulaic, which is inherently meant to hold negative weight. However, if one were to describe an album review that met a formula in which the reviewer talked more about the music recorded on the album instead of other things that aren't recorded on the album, you'd be describing a good review. In a very pitchforkian sense, then Paul Thompson's review is both formulaic and yet not formulaic at all. It's so human yet so digital.

Paging Ouroboros to thread. I agree with Popsense. SMD is playing Wars in its entirely tonight at 9 p.m. at Vintage Vinyl.

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