Heroes of the Kingdom, Emperor X Post New Albums Online

Apr 15, 2009 at 12:30 pm
The local record-release season is starting to heat up along with the weather. First up is Heroes of the Kingdom, which recently unleashed its debut album, HOTK, online. You can purchase it here -- and like the album released by vocalist Chris Powell's other band, Ring, Cicada, HOTK is available in a bunch of different formats and varying bitrates.

MP3: Heroes of the Kingdom, "Wild Eyed Creatures"

One-man experimental band Emperor X -- which is now based in Edwardsville -- also just released a new album, The Blythe Archives, Volume Two, online. This one's free to download and stream, although Emperor X main man Chad Matheny has a Paypal link for those who also want to give, and Blythe will be up on all DSPs soon. And for the record, Emperor X's discography is also available on his website for download, too.

MP3: Emperor X, "Falklands-Malvinas"