Hip-Hop for Dogs: The Worst Dog Hip-Hop Book Ever?

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That scores an automatic point for not containing the words "my name's [name of rapper] and I'm here to say," giving it a total of one point out of a hundred on the universal rap scale.

While most of the book is just a tin-eared exercise in cultural appropriation, it sometimes gets-- maybe I shouldn't throw the R-word around when talking about a book this silly-- let's just say it gets a little problematic. Here's the page for the word "Sista."



SISS*tah n

1. A dignified black woman who is proud of her heritage

2. A female friend

Related: girlfriend

Me and my homegirls, we stick together everywhere we go: at the groomer gettin' our 'dos, on the street sniffin' the B-boys, and all over the hood avoidin' the baby daddies. Some of us are busted, some of us are fly, some got small bootys, some have badonkadonks. But all of us run in the same pack, help each other, and watch out for each other's pups. I don't know what I'd do without my SISTAS.

I don't think you can say that stuff, Hip-Hop for Dogs. I'm not an expert on what's offensive, but that whole thing strikes me as something that is probably offensive.

And here's something even more infuriating than all the ugly stereotyping: this dog is presented as the definition of "wack."

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