Homespun: Chapters, Wife EP

Aug 7, 2008 at 12:00 pm

In this week's paper, Christian Schaeffer reviews Wife, the debut EP from moody synth-post-punks Chapters. He had this to say:

The presence of misogyny in rock & roll isn't exactly headline news. From the crass objectification of 2 Live Crew to the dark sadism of the Afghan Whigs, women have been demonized as much as they have been celebrated in rock lyrics. Even still, the brash women-hating on Chapters' debut EP, Wife, is off-putting. In the course of these five tracks, the band manages to refer to a woman as a "bitch" as least twice, and the opening track "Side Effect" contains this charming come-on: "Take it or leave it now / Open your legs or not." The legs-spreading motif is continued on the next track "Critical End," at which point you'll be forgiven for turning off this EP and never thinking of Chapters again.

Read the rest here; grab an MP3 below. The band's CD release show is this Friday, August 8, at Cicero's, with the Bureau and Making Movies. Show starts at 9; tickets are $7 for those over 21, $10 under.

MP3: Chapters, "Climax and Exoneration"