Homespun: Leslie Sanazaro, On Your Roof EP

Oct 3, 2008 at 1:02 pm

In this week's paper, Christian Schaeffer reviewed Leslie Sanazaro's new EP, On Your Roof. He had this to say:

The five songs on Roof are brief, varied, and give a good impression of Sanazaro's strengths. Shuffling drums and reverb-heavy guitar set the pace on opening track "For You," while layers of Hammond organ, Mellotron flutes and background vocals give heft to Sanazaro's direct and effective piano playing. "Hot and Cold" veers more toward ballad territory, while "On Your Roof" tells a story of blossoming romance and St. Louis summers with spacious, open chords that threaten to envelop the song. That these songs could sneak onto a Starbucks play list or into a commercial for Old Navy is a testament to Sanazaro's understanding of pop music's dynamics.

Read the rest of his review here. Sanazaro frequently performs around town, including a gig tomorrow night (October 4) at SqWires (1415 South Eighth Street; 314-865-3522). Listen to "Hot and Cold" below.

MP3: Leslie Sanazaro, "Hot and Cold"