Homespun: Machree, Whiteout

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In this week's paper, Christian Schaeffer reviews Machree's album, Whiteout. He had this to say:

Genre tags are reductive, absurd and generally misleading, so we'll skip trying to pigeonhole Machree. The sextet takes the six-stringed dexterity of metal, the constantly shifting tempos of math-rock and the reverb-laden meandering favored by space-rock/Radiohead acolytes and ties it all together with to-the-hilt vocals. It's not exactly groundbreaking, but the band knows how to play to its strengths with well-constructed songs. While many bands of its ilk try to cram in as many power chords and drum fills as possible, Machree knows the power of white space and leaves room for the songs to expand and contract. "P Crusher" is a fine example of this technique: The song begins with a maelstrom of spidery guitar licks and thunderous crash cymbals, but every so often a shimmering keyboard line or echoing guitar note is allowed to resolve itself and evaporate into the ether.
Read the rest here. Machree's next show in town is Sunday, September 27, opening for the Felix Culpa and the Dear Hunter.

MP3: Machree, "Meteo"

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