Homespun: Teddy Presberg, Outcries From a Sea of Red

In this week's paper, Christian Schaeffer reviews Teddy Presberg's Outcries from a Sea of Red. He had this to say:

On his second album, Outcries From a Sea of Red, the instrumentalist takes his jazz-guitar style and applies it to a host of genres, from smooth funk to slide blues to ambient synthesizer experimentation. Stylistically, Presberg's sound is tricky to pin down: He's too loose for straight jazz and a bit too much of a formalist to be considered a jam-band icon. But coloring outside the lines works for him and his bandmates. After the Meters-like strut of the album-opening "$4/gal," the minimal drum-machine beats and detuned synth modulations of the brief interlude "Politics" give a clear sign that this record won't rely solely on in-the-pocket funk.

Read the rest here. Presberg will be performing a free show on Sunday, March 7, at Riddle's Penultimate Café & Wine Bar (6307 Delmar Boulevard, University City). The Athens, Greece, label Timewarp Music has also remixed the album into two EPs. The first one is available right here.

MP3: Teddy Presberg, "Beyond Busted"

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