Homespun: The Pernikoff Brothers, On My Way

In this week's paper, Christian Schaeffer reviews the Pernikoff Brothers' On My Way. He had this to say: does On My Way sound? Like a high-end studio job, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. [Brothers] Rick and Tom [Pernikoff], in addition to sharing vocal and songwriting duties, coproduced the disc (with some help on the tracking, mixing and mastering duties, as expected). The Brothers' vision guides the disc, and it's a vision encompassing genteel, nice-guy folk rock with little flourishes of country and soul peppered throughout. "Waiting On You" ambles easily on circular banjo plucks and romantic earnestness, a quality that is amplified by the syrupy string section. Opening track "The Beach" finds a better use for the studio magic, as slow horn crescendos mesh with the swirling organ swells, giving an appropriate ebb-and-flow to the track.

Read the rest of the Pernikoff Brothers review here. Snag an MP3 below. The band's CD release show is at 9 p.m. on Saturday, July 17, at Blueberry Hill's Duck Room. Tickets are $10.

MP3: The Pernikoff Brothers, "The Beach"

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