I Was a Fountain: Who Is This Animal Collective-Esque Band? [Update]

Last week, Eric Hall dropped me a line asking if I had any idea who was behind the St. Louis-based band I Was a Fountain. Going by three tracks found on Bandcamp, he pointed out the similarities between IWAF and Animal Collective. He's right, but AC is more of a jumping-off point for the band; its beats, rhythms and textures are rich and complex. Hear for yourself below.

Of course, the bigger question is:

Who is in this band? Who's responsible for this (pretty awesome) music? Does anyone know? Leave a comment. Take credit for this art!

[Update, 2:55 p.m.: Less than two hours after I posted, our mystery band has been revealed. Good job, Internet!

I Was a Fountain is the project of 18-year-old (19 in six days, he says) Mark White. The incoming Mizzou student is from St. Louis County and his music is informed by "eclectic influences," he says, "from things like J-Dilla and other hip-hop artists, to old Motown jams, to Animal Collective and the Beach Boys.  I'm big into melodic music with a good beat."

White's been making music since the seventh grade - he even released an EP indebted to Kevin Devine and Anthony Green under the IWAF name in high school - but these three songs represent the "first foray into the new kind of sound that I like," he says. His instrument set-up is simple -- just ProTools, sampler a microphone, an acoustic guitar and keyboards -- and Chris Card of Arts & Crafts helped co-write some of the songs.

Fans of these songs, take note: White also says to look for three more IWAF songs by the end of December.

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