Interview Archive: Ronnie James Dio Talks to the RFT Before Heaven and Hell's Local Appearance

May 17, 2010 at 1:00 pm

In 2007, Ronnie James Dio spoke to the RFT in advance of Heaven and Hell's September show at the Family Arena. He was his usual articulate, thoughtful self.

RFT: Your standing with your peers is well established, with metal's biggest names offering testimonials to your influence. Discussing your legacy in terms of your relationship with your fans, of what accomplishment are you most proud? Ronnie James Dio: I'm very proud of the fact that I made them think, because that's what separates us from some lower forms. We have a language that we thought about and created, and now we can communicate without using arfs and meows. I'm proud of the fact that with what I've done, I've lent myself to that portion of the population that does have a brain, who likes to think and be challenged. I'm not saying that my challenges are anywhere close to Keats or Edgar Rice Burroughs, but in my small way, I've made people think not only about themselves, but also about others and the world we live in.

Read the rest of the interview here. Dio passed away yesterday. He was 67. Read our obituary here.