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Your daughter has a single out on Wacky Wacko, and I was wondering, does your family sing around the house, Von Trapp style?

Yeah, not Von Trapp style, but we do, like, sing songs. We have a family of great uncles, like the Black Lips, for example. When they recorded their Let it Bloom record, they were all sleeping in my living room when I first moved to Berlin. And my kids, they were taking them to the park and playing with them and stuff. They've known Mark Sultan forever, and in fact he was here when Bella was born. So yeah, they've grown up with incredible musical uncles. And Aunts. And they have the gene inside of them... But you know, I don't force them to do anything. I think that's why they can enjoy music. They see how much fun their dad has with music.

I'm camping right now, and we have this outhouse by the campsite. I walked in there this morning and almost got bit by a black snake. I thought of you because you used to call yourself Blacksnake [in the Spaceshits].

With the Spaceshits, we used to have a practice room in the Indian Reservation. I was in the reservation and I found this piece of paper, and it had all of these different names for the types of shits that you have. Actually, you know what, it was like an old Native practice. It was very important to look at your shit to know if you're sick or not.

That totally makes sense.

While I was reading this thing about it I took a shit and I looked at it and it looked like a black snake, so I named myself Black Snake in the tradition of the Native Americans.

You named yourself after a turd. Who named you King Khan?

Well, Khan is my real last name, and King Khan is because back in the day I used to wear a German war helmet, a plastic one. I would go do daily things, like go shopping with it on. When I went to Hamburg the first time, all the homeless people kept calling me "Kaiser," and I was like, "Oh shit, I'm king in Germany."

Thank you so much for talking to me, it's been a great break from camping.

It's great that you almost got bit by a black snake.

No it's not! I really hope to not get bit in the ass by a black snake, but if I do, I'll think of you.

Thank you.


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