Jane's Addiction at the Pageant, 2/22/12: Review, Photos, Setlist

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Jane's Addiction at the Pageant, 2/22/12: Review, Photos, Setlist
Kholood Eid

As the lights came up, the stage had been transformed with a lamp and three chairs, with Farrell seated atop the center throne, wedged between Navarro and Chaney. In this more intimate setting, the band played through a number of ballads, leading to a gregarious version of "Jane Says" complete with Stephen Perkins on steel drum. With the beauty of a full house singing in unison, the band felt right at home, as the crowd cheered at Farrell's every swig of the bottle. At times it is astounding how Farrell's voice has retained its purity and ease. As a former frequent abuser of worldly delights, Farrell is still able to enchant audiences with his unique vocal approach.

For a band whose career spans nearly three decades, it is impressive how spot-on Jane's Addiction continues to be. Though he may have fallen from grace in terms of street cred (see: Spike TV's Ink Master), Navarro is still one badass guitarist. In the mystic rocking of "Three Days," Navarro was the star, soloing in a toxic fit of frolic.

From the opening lines of "Underground" to the adrenaline-injected "Stop," both the band and audience didn't let up for one moment. Jane's Addiction's fan base runs the gamut of alternative rockers, bringing mothers, daughters, fathers and sons under one roof...with everyone completely losing her shit. The band was on. The crowd was eating it up. Farrell was smiling like a five year old in a candy store, genuinely happy and thankful.

After a brief absence from the stage, the boys in black returned. "Thank you so much, St. Louis! It's fantastic to see you people!" said Farrell. "We put this show together yesterday in your hometown! But it was missing something: You." A gracious crowd erupted in applause as the band played its final song, "Words Right Out Of My Mouth," the last track from The Great Escape Artist. As the audience took their last glance at the stage, the band gathered, taking a bow as it opened a new chapter in its rock god story. Farrell left the stage, drinking from his bottle.

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