Jarred Gastreich Talks About Show Me Shows and This Weekend's Showcase

May 18, 2012 at 1:11 pm
Jarred Gastreich Talks About Show Me Shows and This Weekend's Showcase
Jarred Gastreich

Jarred Gastreich is the creator and videographer of Show Me Shows, a St. Louis based one-take video production. Show Me Shows specializes in filming intimate interviews and performances of St. Louis musicians. The idea for a one-take video stemmed from Gastreich initial fascination a silimar production, "It's always something I wanted to do because of Take-Away Shows. I've always admired their work and how easy it is to produce it." In just under a year Show Me Shows has grown, incorporating national acts like the Head and the Heart and Spring Standards into its lengthening CV.

In order to discuss Show Me Shows future plans, and this Saturday's Show Me Show(case) Gastriech met with RFT Music at The Wood. The restaurant was hosting an acoustic performance that he wanted to see, "I shot Brendan Bradley for the first Show Me Show," he says. Gastreich talked about St. Louis music, why he believed it was time to do a showcase, and future Show Me Show endeavors.

The Showcase is this Saturday, May 19 at Plush. Gastreich's Show Me Show's will host performances from Justin Kinkel-Schuster of Water Liars, Bo and the Locomotive and Pretty Little Empire, Last to Show First to Go, Trotting Bear, Netherfriends and Little Horn. The event is 5 bucks and starts at 6 p.m.

Blair Stiles: Why did you decide to do a showcase?

Jarred Gastreich: The showcase idea has been in the back of my head since working with Ryan Albritton. Ryan does the sound for most of the Show Me Shows and curates his own showcase for the STL LOUD compilation albums. I was looking for a reason to see my viewers face-to-face. It seems like the music scene here is pretty close-knit and we really enjoy each other's company. St. Louis is a very supportive scene, and that pushes people like me to try and get everyone together more often. Plus, the showcase gives me a reason to wear my mustache - not that you need an excuse to wear one, but being a show curator is pretty fitting, yeah? ...being a mustache-wielding-videographer, I am all-to-often mistake for being in the porn industry.

Why did you choose these particular bands to shoot/for the showcase?

I am relatively new the music scene. I was introduced to it by going to Picasso's Coffee House open mic. That's where I first saw Dots Not Feathers over a year ago. I followed Dots Not Feathers into the city where they played at Foam. Foam is/was home to a lot of the Union Tree Review folks and I asked if I could do music video for them. After shooting "44" in their apartment it just snowballed from there and I was introduced to so many other Indie bands. I call them Indie bands, we can argue for the right genre all day. Regardless I love it, it's fresh and genuine. I suppose if another band blew me away at Picasso's Coffee House, say a blues band, then this showcase would be mostly bluesy artists. So, I chose to shoot these artists to begin with because it's what I'm into right now. Next year is sure to be a different story though.