John Roderick: Behind My Music, Volume III

(I neglected to post Part II last week; that can be found here.) However, without further ado, here is Long Winters front man John Roderick's musical history, part trois.


I’ve talked a little bit about rock and roll lifers, but there are many different types and I should probably define my terms. ... Another kind is the lucky lifer. They had bands in high school and college like a thousand other punters, but somewhere along the way they hit the numbers and became rock stars. The overwhelming majority of young bands imagine that this fate awaits them, a dream which in most cases will slowly shrivel and die covered in disappointment and agony. (But keep practicing, kids!) Brian May of Queen was working on his PhD in physics when his band took off, Tom Scholz of Boston has a masters degree in mechanical engineering from MIT, Dexter Holland of the Offspring has a masters in molecular biology, and so forth. These guys clearly didn’t intend to be rock stars, they were anticipating a lifetime of sodomizing bacteria before their rock dreams came true. Wankers.

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