John Wiese

Arrhythmia Wave Burst and Panner Crash (Helicopter)

The problem with noise is that it's usually more fun to make than to listen to. One exception to that rule is Arrhythmia Wave Burst and Panner Crash, the new CD by St. Louisan-turned-world-famous-noise-wizard John Wiese. It documents some recent live performances and packs quite a wallop, especially for being one of those rinky-dink three-inch CDs. Drills, scorches, screeches, rumbles, laser bursts, static: It's all on there. At times it's frightening enough to send you and your pets diving for cover under the sofa; at others, zany enough to induce wry chuckling. For those who are really up for a challenge, try doing your Spanish homework while listening to it. Your brain will melt.

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