Joseph Raglani and Jeremy Kannapell Craft a Video for Up-and-Coming Experimental Electro Act Emeralds

Local psychedelic dream wizards Joseph Raglani and Jeremy Kannapell have created a video for ambient drone heroes Emeralds. Created by the pair under the creative direction of Spooky Action Palace's Michael Ferrer, the clip combines essential elements of '60s-inspired acid trips and liquid projection. Ephemeral bursts of lush color warp into diamond lagoons, leaving you with crushing aural ecstasy.

Emeralds "Geode" by Raglani/Kannapell from joseph raglani on Vimeo.

Beginning in 2005, the Cleveland, Ohio, trio -- which features John Elliott, Steve Hauschildt and Mark McGuire -- began trolling the line between musique concrete, psychedelic drone and brain-damaging synthworks. (Anyone lucky enough to have caught Emeralds' 2007 performance in St. Louis can grip the comparisons to the influential electronic act Tangerine Dream and Skaters.) Originally released as a self-titled LP in 2009 on Emeralds' own imprint, Wagon/Gneiss Things, the CD version of Emeralds -- which includes "Geode" -- was released on March 16 via Hanson Records. (The label is run by longtime Emeralds fan Aaron Dilloway, formerly of seminal noise act Wolf Eyes.)

So how did the collaboration come about?

Raglani and Emeralds' Hauschildt are acquainted; you may remember that the pair was on tour together when their gear was swiped at 2009's No Fun Fest in Brooklyn, New York. However, Raglani had no contact with the band before creating the video; Emeralds only took notice after Raglani posted the dreamy clip on Vimeo.

Kannapell (who performs around town as Ghost Ice) says that the "vid was made 'live' classic liquid light show style...couple of overhead projectors, colored lights, oils/ liquids, glass and various objects...all being moved around by hand and in real time. No video effects used."

Are the drugs working? There's only one way to find out. View the video for yourself.

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