Josh Harrell

Wednesday, December 31; Miso on Meramec

Dec 24, 2003 at 4:00 am
Remember that part in Dante's Inferno, when Dante and Virgil visit the third circle of Hell and learn how the gluttons are punished? Pee-yew. Or maybe you CliffsNotes-ed through school and you're more of a movie buff -- do you remember the glutton in Se7en? (Who could forget that?) Bad stuff for sure.

Well, don't worry: Miso's New Year's Eve party (entitled "Gluttony") will not be a punishment at all. In fact, it promises to be wickedly good, and overindulgence will even be celebrated, afterlife be damned. Go and eat all the sushi you can fit in your belly, drink all the booze you can guzzle and stuff your ears full to the lobes with Josh Harrell's masterful deep house mixes. He's been DJ-ing for nearly ten years now and has had too many residencies to count, so he'll definitely assist in the excess of the eve, at least in a musical way.

In case you haven't heard of him yet, Harrell recently relocated to the chilly Lou from fiery Florida (Orlando to be exact, speaking of Hell). Now that he's closer to godliness, Harrell's set up shop with some local St. Louis favorites, such as Don Tinsley, at the Pepper Lounge every Wednesday. That is, every Wednesday except New Year's Eve. He's changing it up a little, and you should too. Come out and hear this tropical transplant warm the decks at Miso and usher in the new year. And act as bad as you want -- you have all of 2004 to repent!