Jumbling Towers Outed by ESPN as Basketball Junkies

Here's something you don't see every day: Today, ESPN's TrueHoop blog dubbed Jumbling Towers its house band. Writer Henry Abbott notes that a friend of his heard an MP3 of the band on the music site Fluxblog -- and that lead to the band revealing its love for the ESPN blog and the game.

Man, we grew up on basketball. It was the cool sport at our prep school, which we both started attending in seventh grade ... it's what you did. So we played, and more influentially watched our varsity team play to packed out crowds in a really small, constantly packed gym filled with rich, hot girls and great hoops (we were the "poor roughneck" kids at our school cause our parents only made 60K instead of 500 ... was a cool card to play).

Read the rest here. JT's release party for the new EP, Ramifications of an Exciting Spouse, is December 18 at the Firebird. And of course, here's the band's b-ball-themed video for "Gilberta," filmed by the late Patrick Wessel:

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