Jungle Brothers

Tuesday, March 7; Vintage Vinyl

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In the beginning, there were De La Soul, a Tribe Called Quest and the Jungle Brothers. The first two groups have been getting their props for the last decade, but the Jungle Brothers have been painfully overlooked, and of the three, it's the Jungle Brothers who are still kicking out essential grooves. A few years ago, British drum & bass kingpin Aphrodite remixed the glorious "Jungle Brother," and the result was a revelation: a seamless mix of skittering jungle and hip-hop. The Jungle Brothers' new record, V.I.P. is a great, similar melding of progressive electronic grooves and rhymes, a contender for Album of the Year (even though we've only heard it once). It deserves way more space than this and will get it in the next few weeks. For now, though, you can see the Jungle Brothers live.

In the Hell Freezes Over category, the Jungle Brothers are in town to open for the Backstreet Boys at Kiel Center. Beforehand, they'll be performing a 3 p.m. in-store concert at Vintage Vinyl in the University City Loop. Wanna see the Brothers before they finally explode? Here's your chance. And it's free.

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