KDHX Wants You to Know How to Get Your Band on Both National and Local Radio

Jan 9, 2014 at 4:34 am

The good people of KDHX (88.1 FM) will be hosting a discussion this weekend about how up-and-coming musicians can get their music on the radio. The conversation will not just focus on the local station itself specifically, but it will include tips for breaking into national radio as well.

This Saturday, January 11, KDHX music director Nick Acquisto will be leading the informative event, set to take place at the newly opened Space at KDHX in the station's newly opened building, as part of its ongoing "Get Down to Business" series (watch for much more info on the new digs in next week's print edition).

The event will take place in the venue space on the new building's ground floor. - Jaime Lees
Jaime Lees
The event will take place in the venue space on the new building's ground floor.

We spoke to Acquisto, as well as chief engagement officer Kelly Wells, to get the full scoop on the community-based event.

Daniel Hill: Could you tell us a little more about the "Get Down to Business" series?

Kelly Wells: KDHX's "Get Down to Business" series is a series we created to support local musicians in their musical career endeavors. Once per month we host a clinic led by an expert where musicians can learn, hone skills and ask questions. We've hosted clinics like "Ask the Music Lawyer," "DIY Recording" and "Guitar Maintenance." Upcoming clinics will include "Music Marketing" and "Booking a Successful Tour." Our goal is to inspire and educate both aspiring and veteran musicians toward a successful musical career.

Does KDHX have more series like this one planned for the new space? What other events do we have to look forward to?

Wells: Another series we are excited about hosting is "Tuesdays at KDHX." "Tuesdays at KDHX" will begin in February and will feature a different event each Tuesday night of the month. First Tuesdays will kick off with a narrative musical film, second Tuesdays will feature "40's and 45's," where you can bring your vinyl to spin and drink good, local beer while you do it, third Tuesdays will feature a musical documentary, and fourth Tuesdays will be interactive programming, some of which will be hosted by KDHX programmers. February's fourth Tuesday will feature KDHX DJ Ron Edwards, who will host "Stories of the Blues." You can find out more details on "Tuesdays at KDHX" at www.kdhx.org/events.

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