King Buffalo Catches Thief in the Act of Stealing from Its Van in Midtown

Mar 17, 2017 at 7:28 am
King Buffalo - Photo via GoFundMe
Photo via GoFundMe
King Buffalo

Things could have ended a lot worse for the members of King Buffalo.

The Rochester, New York-based rock band performed at Fubar on Saturday night. Close to 11:45 p.m., two of the group's members walked down the street away from the club and turned the corner, heading to their van. That's when they spotted the thief rifling through their stuff.

"They saw a silver car idling in the middle of the street," the band says through its Facebook page. "As they approached, a thief with bags in hand quickly jumped out of the van and into the car and sped off. After examining the van, there was noticeable damage to the driver side door and lock, as well as several missing items."

The band estimates the cost of the damage and the stolen objects — mostly clothing items and toiletries, according to a police report — at $750 dollars. The report describes the suspect as a "black male, heavy build, wearing all dark clothing."

"On a positive note," the band adds, "our gear remained safe."

The van was parked a bit far from Fubar, relatively speaking, in the 400 block of N. Garrison Avenue — about a block or two away and around the corner, out of sight of the venue. Fubar owner Bob Fancher says that this is the first such band-van break-in suffered by an act performing at the venue since October 2014, when staff stepped up security following a spate of such thefts all around town.

"They parked two blocks away from the club," Fancher says. "Staff wasn't aware, and couldn't watch two blocks away. Had they known they'd have definitely secured a parking spot for them."

King Buffalo started a GoFundMe campaign to recover the $750 in damages and lost items. The modest goal was reached in just over an hour — a testament both to the loyalty of its fans and the relatively lucky break the band got in catching the thief in the act.

"We're extremely fortunate it wasn't much worse," the band writes. "Another five minutes and they could have taken everything."