Kishi Bashi is a Singular Performer, Despite What You Might Read on Owen Pallett's Message Boards

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Has a loop ever gotten so messed up you had to stop?

Absolutely. It's embarrassing, but it's like, there's nothing you can do about it. You can either torture your audience for another minute or two, you know, or you can just stop it and just laugh it off. That's what I usually do if it's really bad.

How did you learn looping?

I'd always been doing, making ambient loops, experimenting like that, but when I started doing my solo thing I wanted to be... because I come from a band, you know, where you're just this huge monster of a touring entity. It's just so expensive and I thought, 'How can I do this?' I just wanted to be solo, you know, so I could choose what shows I wanted to do and I could fly and do shows, and I tried to keep my rig small. So I found out about the looping thing. There are people who do it really well, so I kind of checked them out on YouTube, and yeah, I basically, I copied a lot of people for ideas.

Any particularly strong influences?

You know tUnE-yArDs? ... She's really great. There's tUnE-yArDs, Andrew Bird, of course, is great, you've probably heard of him. Who's the other guy -- Yann Seznec. Owen Pallett is really great. He's a violinist who loops and stuff, and he's really, really good. It's funny, there's a message board where there's these, like his fans are arguing about me on his message board.

What are they arguing about?

Not arguing, but they're like, 'What's up with this guy, Kishi Bashi? He sounds -- he 's, like, taking from Owen, he's not the first to do it, Owen Pallett's the first one.' And I never claimed to be the first one, but his fans are like trying, you know, there's contention about me, the origin of what I do. So, actually, I wrote to Owen Pallett - well, normally I don't interact with those weirdos, but it's like, these guys are strange, you know, they're debating nothing. But then I noticed that Owen Pallett actually comments on these things himself.

What was his comment?

He's just like, 'Guys, leave him alone, he's actually pretty good' kind of thing. So I noticed that he did, so I posted too, and so I'm going to have lunch with him in Toronto. I'm going to meet up with him.

So there's peace in the world of looping.

Exactly. The big loop peace accords are happening in Toronto.

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