Ladyhawk and Neva Dinova at the Bluebird, Tonight!

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That's Wednesday, April 30.

I didn't have room in the paper to write about either band, but it's not due to quality. Oh, no. Neva Dinova has been a favorite of mine ever since I saw them open for Rilo Kiley at a 200-person club in Boston. The Omaha band's earliest albums were full of dreamy indie-pop; the new one, You May Already Be Dreaming, is straight-up indie-country, sad-sack twang in which to drown your whiskey sorrows.

Ladyhawk hails from Vancouver, Canada. Shots came out on Jagjaguwar last year, and is recommended for those who like '80s indie rock, Canadian-style country tunes and the following, as per the band's MySpace:

That one day in summer when you get up really early for some reason and you happen to catch the sunrise and it's so silent out and the streets are all empty except for little squirrels and you almost start to cry because everything is so beautiful, that's what Ladyhawk sounds like. Also, cashmere underwear!

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