Last Shot: A Cancer Patient's Dream Comes True

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At the end of the evening as I was walking to my car, I was just shellshocked and overwhelmed with the generosity. I had never met Loana before this initial encounter and what she did for me was beyond what I could have dreamed. It supports the theory that there are some amazing people in this world. I immediately broke down in tears when I hugged her goodbye. It definitely gave me a huge boost to my moral and still kicks me up a notch when I think about it.

Me with Meshuggah's guitarist Frederik Thordendal.
Me with Meshuggah's guitarist Frederik Thordendal.

When I thought things couldn't get crazier, I saw that Meshuggah was playing in Las Vegas the next night. After a one second conversation with my brother, we booked a last minute flight and hotel to see Meshuggah close out their tour at the House of Blues Las Vegas. I received the same royal treatment and was able to get a mini-tour of their guitar setup by their extremely funny and nice guitar tech, Kent Eriksson.

Meshuggah songs mean even more to me now than you can imagine. In fighting cancer, people draw their strength and courage to fight the disease with things that empower them. The memories of meeting Meshuggah and listening to their music is what I draw my energies from to fight my cancer. The bonus fact that I shared this wonderful experience with my brother is something that I know he will never forget as well. I can't thank Loana and Meshuggah enough for their kindness and that they made a cancer patient's dream come true.

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