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Sometimes the best blog-posting intentions become way-laid by extra work — which is what happened to the post I promised to go along with my A to Z column this week about the 1980s- local 'zine Jet Lag going digital. But fear not! Here are some choice excerpts from the archives online so far, along with information on other places to find music history online.

As I mentioned in my column, here's the front page of the very first issue, found here.

Issue #2 contains a (sniff) Streetside Records ad, right near a well-placed barb about why Iggy Pop isn't playing in town.

In issue #3, see examples of interviews with out-of-town acts, like punk legends 999 (hit: "Homicide") and the Dickies.

Issue #4 writes about a ton of local bands: the Welders, Da Clones and the Nukes.

Jet Lag is not the only 'zine that's chosen to put its archives online, however. RFT freelancer Mike Appelstein has digital archives of two of his 'zines, Writer's Block and Caught in Flux, online at his Web site. (In a small-world twist, he actually remembers trading zines with Jet Lag back in the day.) Appelstein also recommends the blog Teenage Gluesniffer, which is dedicating to talking about other bygone publications. (And look, its top link is GaragePunk, a locally based site I wrote about twice a few weeks ago.)

Musically, the local MP3 blog Last Days of Man on Earth has dedicated many posts to old-school St. Louis bands and other groups favored by Jet Lag (check out its archives); nationally, a slew of blogs have cropped up that are dedicated to preserving out-of-print albums or obscure bands. Among my favorites are Little Hits, Lost Bands of the New Wave Era and Power Pop Lovers.

-Annie Zaleski

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