Let's Have a Berger

This week, a tribute to the king of twinkling ellipses

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A clever guitar-strumming swain made our day recently when he dubbed Radar Station "the Jerry Berger of the local-music scene." We were flattered but not surprised: Sure, we're not nearly as glamorous as La Berger -- who's busy hobnobbing with West County society matrons while grubby minions feed him his copy -- but when it comes to stringing together a bunch of transitionless news items, we're right up there with our mentor. Any hack can write an essay; it takes a true genius to dish the dirt in delectable Berger Bits, offset by twinkling ellipses.

THITHER AND YON: The popular hip-hop spins once held at the Hi-Pointe every Monday are back, and the regular crew -- Odie and Luqman of Da GateKeepaz, Robboo, Triple Dee, Finsta of Da Ruckus Cru, Q95.5's Charlie Chan Soprano and others -- are still calling 'em "Hi-Pointe Mondays." Here's the confusing part: "Hi-Pointe Mondays" are no longer held at the Hi-Pointe, although they do take place on Mondays, at least. (Aspiring rappers who show up at the fab little club on Monday nights are in for a rude surprise: For the past couple of months, Tim Mize and Matt Meyer, the genial hosts of the Super Fun Happy Hour, have presided over a local punk showcase, which, beginning a little after midnight, is also broadcast live on KDHX-FM.) Odie explained the confusing moniker thusly: "Due to the popularity of the night itself and the fact that from time to time others attempt to do similar events, we felt it only made sense for the same core of people to hold on to the Hi-Pointe name as a way of association." Uh, well, we guess that makes sense. The hip-hop spin, which also features a boisterous but surprisingly courteous open-mic session ["Radar Station," July 4, 2001], has been in limbo for the past year; since it lost its home at the Hi-Pointe, it's changed venues twice. Now organizers are hoping that the event will regain its lost momentum and, with any luck, stay put for a while. Show up any Monday at Club Rolisas, 1624 Delmar Boulevard (at the back of the building), and see what all the hoo-ha's about. Doors open at 10 p.m.

FLUX REDUX: The Star Death, perennial nominee for Best Punk Band in the Riverfront Times Music Awards (and quite possibly Radar Station's favorite local punk band, although that particular honor isn't accompanied by a cheap Lucite statue), is officially on hiatus. Lead singer/guitarist Blueberry is finishing up her newest solo album, which features guest appearances from Sunyatta Marshall (Fred's Variety Group) and Ben Hanna (Grandpa's Ghost), among others ... Blue and Star Death bassist Tobi Parks also make appearances on the new Grandpa's Ghost release, (the tumble/love version): hear past the static, which is due out on Colorado's Upland Records on November 12. So far, all we've heard from the album is an insane, feedback-laced version of John Denver's "Leaving on a Jet Plane," but that's sure to be the tip of the iceberg. It's yet another double CD for the prolific Pocahontas collective, and, in addition to Blue and Tobi, it features guest turns by Dave Stone, Mike Martin (Tinhorn) and Chris Dee (Conformists) ... The Fantasy Four, last year's RFT Music Award winners in the Best New Band category, just broke up. Their first seven-inch will be released anyway, on Bert Dax's Cavalcade of Stars, and it's a winner: The A-side contains a deliriously catchy cover of the Sweet's "Wig Wam Bam," and the flip features a raggedly pretty rendition of the Kinks' "Love Me Til the Sun Shines." Although the band finished recording its first CD late this summer, there's no word yet on whether it will ever see the light of day ... Da Hol' 9, whose certain stardom Radar Station trumpeted far and wide on the strength of their glorious gutter-crunk anthems "Urbody N Da Club Up" and "Lemmehollaatcha," have lost their much-ballyhooed major-label deal with MCA ["Radar Station," May 29]. Word on the street is that the suits kept postponing the release, losing any momentum the CD might have had on the strength of the two big regional hits, then unceremoniously dropped the duo before they even got the chance to "take it to the next level." Big Sexy Kool DJ Kaos and Kemo are considering their legal options. Tales of major-label fuckovers should be old hat to us by now, but we never saw this one coming.

OUT AND ABOUT: Psych-pop surrealists the Radar Brothers will perform at the Rocket Bar on November 7. Their latest CD, And the Surrounding Mountains (Merge), pits gorgeous guitar drone against luscious harmonies, rather like a more proggish Wilco or a less pretentious Grandaddy.

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