Little Big Bangs on Latest LP, Performing in St. Louis: "We might hurt you with our equipment."

Sep 4, 2013 at 11:41 am
Little Big Bangs - Steve Truesdell
Steve Truesdell
Little Big Bangs

The Little Big Bangs' Drew Gowran, Lucy Dougherty, Ryan Macias, and Eric Boschen wade into Shaw's Coffee at different intervals. First, drummer Drew Gowran mosies in, peering hesitantly around the corner for someone familiar. Dougherty, sans guitar but still vocal, bounces in with a mass of strawberry blonde curls sashaying on top her head. The band's second guitarist, Ryan Macias, strolls in silence. His taciturn demeanor evacuates Shaw's during the interview, but for now his presence creates a tremor of tranquility. Last to arrive is Eric Boschen, LBB's final guitarist and singer. The amiable Boschen sits down with a large Americano and a cup of water and murmurs something indecipherable about a hangover. He begins to rehash his night at Dougherty's apartment. About two sentences in, the image of a beer doused apartment springs to consciousness and Dougherty's laughter clouds out whatever visuals are remaining to be seen.

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The members of the Little Big Bangs have a palpable comfort with one another. All four describe themselves as "creative" types who met at different stages in their lives under very different circumstances. Boschen and Macias have been friends for years. Dougherty met Boschen when he was squatting in an anarchism class at Webster. After forming in 2009 with Macias, the band courted Gowran in 2011, only after he blanched due to his schedule, "We wanted a drummer, and we auditioned a couple people," begins Boschen. "Then we saw Drew play with Cackling Hen at Cranky Yellow. I said, 'We have to get Drew.' We asked him, and he said, 'Well, I'm already in five bands.' Then he said he was in the next day."

Gowran adds, "It felt natural to jump in. Lucy, Ryan and Eric are so creative."

Little Big Bangs performing "Armada" for Lo Fi Cherokee

Prior to Gowran's presence, Dougherty, Boschen and Macias traded off percussion duties with Dougherty at the helm most often. During the writing process for the band's recorded debut, the Easter Egg Demo, the band etched out songs without a beat. "We were learning to write songs then. They weren't tight songs because they were written without a drummer," explains Boschen of the demo. "They were more guitar-orientated songs with jam parts."

Prior to recording its full-length debut with local engineer Jason Hutto, Little Big Bangs wrote with Gowran at Boschen's home. "We're in a tiny, cramped basement with broken equipment, yelling at each other over feedback. Somehow there is usually a song that comes out of that," says Gowran.

"Sometimes someone comes to the table with a chorus or verse and then show it to the band and we elaborate on it, says Boschen. "Sometimes we just write songs by jamming in the basement."