A full-to-the-brim bag of Halloween musical treats

Oct 27, 1999 at 4:00 am
So many "special" Halloween concerts, so little space. To conserve it, we'll divide the activities into genres. Like Goth? Go to the Firehouse for the forever-in-black Vampire's Ball featuring Visions of Passion & Torture and SCSI (a competing Club Fetish Vampire's Ball takes place at the Galaxy on the same night). Firehouse hosts the somber drama-pop of Collaborateur on Saturday (special reunion gig), with core members Larissa Dalle and Tim Gregory performing earlier in the eve, as well as Brandy Johnson from Drift. If you're into "Extreme" (ugh) rock, best bet is reigning Monday Night Metal champs Eli Stone at the Galaxy (early show; tired, played-out novelty act Dr. Zhivegas does a late show). If you just wanna rock and have a good time, the Way Out Club's Saturday-night Halloween party is definitely the best bet: Fran and the Phonocaptors. The best costumes in St. Louis are usually found at the Way Out Club (or, of course, Magnolia's). Sunday, Halloween night, the best party, bar none, will be at the Galaxy, where the Third Lip Cabaret will feature DJ Ses, the Non-Prophets, Brad Lawrence, Brain Transplant, Featherly Decadence, Eric Hall, Michael Marwit and the Five Deadly Venoms.

"Radar Station" is going to the Superstars of Love bash, "Spooks in Space," featuring Detroit legend Carl Craig (see Music). Maybe you should, too.

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