Live Like a Hoosier King at Riverport This Summer With Live Nation’s Lawn Pass

Nov 30, 2018 at 2:20 pm

Break out your jorts, we’re going to Riverport! Yeah, we called it Riverport — and we always will.

Ticketing giant Live Nation announced that it is offering up a deal that can’t be ignored. For around $200 you can purchase a “Lawn Pass” that is good for a lawn ticket at every dang concert at... um... Hollywood Casino Ampitheatre (14141 Riverport Dr., 314-298-9944) next season.

It looks like they’re offering this deal at all of their major outdoor shed music venues, but we’d like to think that it was designed with us in mind. Why? Because we’re cheap. And we’re drunk. And we’re hoosiers, darn it.

The pass gets you into even sold out shows and it hooks you up with deals for your friends and loved ones. It also gets you “Fast Lane” entry and a free lawn chair upon which to rest your mullet.

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They’ll even give you “personalized credentials that act as your entry pass for all shows” so you’ll look like a hot shot. But why would you want that? The whole joy of Riverport Lawn Lyfe is that it is entirely without a class system. On The Great Lawn all men are equal, and no man has status over any other man. (But really, would it kill you to put your shirt back on, you sunburnt oafs?)

So save some cash, dig up your Sammy Hagar shirt and prepare to impress your friends at the next meat shoot, you fabulous hoosier, you.

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