Livery Company Moves Down the Street To Former Radio Cherokee Space

When Livery Company (3211 Cherokee Street) opened in south city two years ago, co-owner Emily Ebeling envisioned the concept as a low-key, vintage cocktail bar that paid tribute to the Cherokee neighborhood's post-Prohibition heyday. What she didn't expect is that it would become a hotspot for local and touring bands to plug in their guitars and play.

In addition to serving as a reliable watering hole, Livery Company has played host to a variety of intimate concerts including folk, punk and everything in between -- Guitardog and "Go Folk Yourself" shows as well as the punk-and-noise-drenched Electric Kool-Aid Acid Kat Fest are among some of the most memorable in Ebeling's mind. Now she's ready to get back to her concept's roots by moving the business a few doors down to 3227 Cherokee Street, the corner space formerly housed by DIY music venue Radio Cherokee.

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"Honestly, it was the space that I wanted before I signed at 3211. I like the history and the vibe," Ebeling says, explaining that the space at 3227 Cherokee Street was originally built as a bar in 1919. "Cherokee Street back in the day was full of little corner taverns, so I kind of draw inspiration from those places."

With her business partners Danielle Richter and Matthew Cassatta, Ebeling hopes to refocus efforts on creating a local dive-bar atmosphere with the addition of deli-style food offerings. The format itself will feel familiar to Livery Company frequenters -- both bars have similar shotgun-style layouts as well as comparable square footage. Ebeling also hopes to carry over the musical aspects, but only to a certain extent.

"Being at 3211, I've made really good friends with a lot of people who live in the neighborhood. I enjoy getting to know people and having an atmosphere that harnesses that, so I'm hoping for more acoustic and more ambient acts to kind of promote conversation," says Ebeling, citing artists such as Bootigrabbers Delight and Tommy Halloran as acts she hopes to book in the future

That said, Livery Company seems to have absorbed some aspects of its organic evolution, with plans to host an expanded Electric Kool-Aid Acid Kat Fest next year. Before that rolls around, patrons can stop in for both sendoff and welcoming parties at each respective location.

On Saturday, September 6, Guitardog presents "A Farewell to 3211 Cherokee" at the original Livery Company space, featuring Chris Black and the Eagles of Unemployment, Leonard the Band, the Maness Brothers and Old Capital Square Dance Club. Tentatively at 3227 Cherokee Street on Saturday, September 20, Wild Fest will christen the new space with Resinater, Tok, Cody James, WaxWorks and more. For more information, follow Livery Company on Facebook.

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