Local Motion

Polarized Mind; Friday, December 30; Sally T's (6 Main Street, St. Charles)

Polarized Mind

Show starts at 8 p.m. Tickets are $5; call 636 -397-5383 for more information

The eccentric electro-rock of Polarized Mind makes me want to do three things: dress up, boogie down and befriend both of its members. The mad geniuses behind the industrial beats and ripping guitar are Owen and Casey (a former techno producer and trash guitarist, respectively), who have teamed up to create an unheard sound: something reminiscent of Pac-Man on his ghost hunt at a Kraftwerk concert. Strange as that may seem, they lyrically agree all too well: "I got the high score, but I still died." Even if you're not an electronica fan, these players will have you re-evaluating your stance on the genre, as their hyper-dimensions transcend mere binary code and EBGDAE guitar, leaving listeners with — what else? — a musically polarized mind.
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