Local St. Louis Band of the Week: The 75s

Jun 22, 2007 at 6:55 pm

Without further ado, welcome to A to Z's new weekly feature, the local band of the week. We'll be posting this earlier from here on out, so check back every Friday morning for some hot audio action and information about great local bands to check out. Our inaugural group is below!

Name: The 75s MySpace: myspace.com/the75s Members: Laurel (guitar and vocals), Morgan (bass and vocals), Scott (drums) Sounds like: Winsome girl-fronted rock fond of short-and-snappy fuzzbombs. Would fit well on a bill playing between Bunnygrunt and That's My Daughter. References: Lo-fi 1990s indie-rock, K Records, the type of DIY pop RFT freelancer Mike Appelstein writes about for us Next show: TBA. Rumor has it the trio's first show will be later in the summer; when something is confirmed we'll let you know.

Song: "Finders Keepers"

-- Annie Zaleski